💅 Nagellackinventur Teil 9 weiß

Weiter gehts mit den weißen Lacken 🙂 Und ja, die Lacke sind wirklich alle unterschiedlich! 😛

nagellackinventur teil 9 weiß

24 shades of white

24 shades of white nagellackinventur 1

? essence effect nail polish latex matt 37 the white bunny
? p2 winter…who cares?! fluffy spot nail polish 030 even now!
? cosmetica fanatica premium nail polish matte white
? essence colour & go nail polish 199 wild white days
? essie private weekend

24 shades of white nagellackinventur 2
? fairwind nail polish 01 moon light
? essence winter? wonderful! nail polish 01 the frosted
? catrice ultimate nail lacquer 79 the bride takes it all
? essence happy girls are pretty nail polish 01 make me smile
? manhattan lotus effect nail polish 11N

24 shades of white nagellackinventur 3
? essence floral grunge nail polish 02 lily bloom
? manhattan birthday colours nail polish 002 chin chin
? manhattan blogger’s choice nail polish 002 ni hao in the morning
? essence good girl bad girl nail polish 03 who am i?
? essence nude glam nail polish 07 ice, ice baby!

24 shades of white nagellackinventur 4

? catrice travel de luxe nail lacquer C01 isle of white
? catrice ultimate nail lacquer 470 snow motion!
? p2 color victim nail polish 030 virgin
? p2 sunshine goddess glorious mysteries nail polish 020 white reflection
? catrice viennART nail lacquer C01 pearlescent purpose

24 shades of white nagellackinventur 5

? manhattan birthday colours nail polish 012 cupcake addicted
? catrice luxury lacquers C13 less is more
? essence all that greys nail polish 04 girl with a pearl
? essence the gel nail polish 49 turn the lights on!

Beim nächsten Mal wirds schwarz! ❤
Wieviele weiße Nagellacke habt ihr?
Welcher ist euer liebster weißer Lack?

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